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Cederblad & Co is a registered audit firm with offices in Kristianstad, Malmö, Tomelilla, and Ystad. Our key words are passion, business acumen and accountability!

We take pride in our personal commitment to providing you and your company with assurance in a global market.

Cederblad Audit Firm

Since its inception in 1977, Cederblad & Co has been supporting clients with qualified, value-adding services in auditing, accounting, and consulting.

Today, we employ more than 30 experts – Authorised Public Accountants, Authorised Accounting Consultants, and Authorised Payroll Consultants as well as other accounting consultants and economists, all of whom will help improve your company's operations and financial future.

We work with all types of businesses and legal forms, including limited companies, partnerships / limited partnerships, economic associations, non-profit organisations, church organisations, foundations, and sole proprietorships.

A large part of our client base comprises close companies in widely different industries and of widely different scale, from “one-man companies” to major groups and corporations. We also have years of experience with tenant-owners’ associations, and we collaborate with various trustees.


We understand your reality

We value personal commitment! Sooner or later, most business owners face challenges that require support and guidance.

With knowledge, experience, and expertise in accounting, auditing, taxes, and financial advice, our people make sure you have access to all the facts you need in order to succeed.​ You will receive a driven and committed partner as well as an invaluable source of support with Cederblad.

​We are there for you wherever you are! We have a strong local presence, while also being connected to an extensive global network of specialists, DFK International and IR Global. This way, we provide you with opportunities in both the local and global market.

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